Young adults heading off to college often have a big decision to make about where they are going to live while attending their classes. While some students chose to cut costs by sticking close to home, for others university dorms or off campus apartments are the likely solution. While living away from home can come with many advantages and opportunities, it also comes with some common risks. Property damage, theft, vandalism, personal injuries and accidents remain prevalent in adolescent communities and on campuses across the country. That’s why protecting students’ property is so important.


In some cases, a parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy will extend to their student who is living in on campus housing such as dorms. The limits of that homeowner’s policy will be split among the primary residence, the home, and the student’s dorm, including liability and property coverage. However, some policies may exclude certain claims or impose high deductible or coverage limits, which can pose a problem for students who may be taking expensive technology and other personal items with them to campus because the allotted coverage for their items is limited. In these cases parents or students may wish to secure additional coverage extensions to protect certain valuable items, such as laptops and bicycles that will be taken to school with the student.


Students living off campus often have no coverage under their guardian’s homeowner’s insurance policy at all, and will typically need renter’s insurance of their own in order to protect their valuables and possessions. Luckily, most renter’s insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and can be invaluable for young adults to protect their property from damage, theft and other covered losses.

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